Thursday, April 02, 2009


Jay Cutler is a Chicago Bear.

My one wish once I realized the Vikings had no interest in Cutler was that he didn't end up in the division. So he ends up in the division.

And now, instead of having to face one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL twice a year (Aaron Rodgers), the Vikings have to face two of the best young quarterbacks twice a year. Repeating as NFC North champs just got a little harder.

The Bears apparently gave up quite a lot to get Cutler. But they get a lot in return as well. Cutler won't have much to throw to other than Greg Olsen, and his offensive line sometimes has trouble keeping a quarterback upright, but he should make both of those positions better. And I imagine Matt Forte has a big smile on his face.

Thoughts on the deal anyone? Would giving up the Vikings number one pick this year and in 2010, plus, say, Sage Rosenfels (assuming the Broncos would have taken the bait, which is assuming a lot) have been worth it?

My opinion is yes, it would have been worth it.

Not to worry though, Brad Childress informs us John David Booty is really progressing.


Travis D. said...

Agreed - although I won't be terribly worried until they get a reliable target at WR.

I'm sure Pat Bowlen and McDaniels had a good laugh after that deal was done - they managed to ship him to the one of the worst receiving teams in the NFL, and got a load of picks for him.

It should relieve those of us that wanted Cutler - we would have probably had to give two firsts and a second, considering the rest of the NFL views Jackson and Rosenfels as dog p**p. Then again, we still have said dog p**p QB'ing our team.

Luft Krigare said...

A trade to the Bears was the worst case for the Vikings. It makes the Bears stronger when the Vikings have done virtually nothing on their end to improve except to sign a couple of low end free agents. Childress better be right on this one because the division just got a lot harder to win.

The Bears have gotten even better because word is that they just signed Orlando Pace to play left tackle and Williams will move to the right. Orlando may be a tad on the older side of things, but he will give Culter a better sense of comfort plus make things a little tougher on the Vikings D.

We can only hope that it takes a while for Cutler and company to to learn the system and how to play together. This year (the NFC North) will be tougher to win now and I can only hope that TJack or Sage have a miraculous year.

Why am I so frustrated over this?...

DC said...


Entertaining post by Mike Lombardi this morning on the Cutler situation before Cutler was traded.

Childress and Spielman have been big on acquiring players who are "character" guys. And apparently Cutler's character scared the Vikings off. But Lombardi, based on working with him during his rookie year, doesn't think Cutler is a problem in the locker room.

It's so strange. Childress, Spielman and company seem to know how to spot good talent on the defensive side of the ball and even at some spots on the offensive side of the ball. But at quarterback, they don't get it.

Spec7ral said...

Fuck it, he has no one to throw to. It's not the end of the world. Soldier filed is not mile high either. And he was playing KC and Oakland out there (although he didn;t win all those games either)


NHV said...

interesting article...maybe it isn't all bad after all

NHV said...

sorry, I cut the link off...