Thursday, August 20, 2009

The most interesting team in the world

If the Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team, what does this week’s development make the Vikings?

There’s so much star power, good times and potential intrigue with this team right now, the writers of Entourage should be working on a pilot for HBO about them.

Consider that the Vikings have:

* Arguably the most feared offensive player on the planet in Adrian Peterson.

* Two players - Pat and Kevin Williams – fighting an NFL suspension in court, a case that if they win, could disembowel the league's banned substances policy.

* A rookie – Percy Harvin – with a shady past whose immense and unique receiving and running talents make him a player whose position is undefined and whose potential may be unlimited.

* A fast-talking, armed forces-visiting, reformed alcoholic, Pro Bowl defensive end (Jared Allen) who wears cowboys hats and a mullet and is proud of it.

* A franchise with it's future in Minnesota in doubt because of long-standing stadium issues.

And now they've added the most extensively covered and most loved (and hated) player in NFL history.

There’s a lot of debate about what affect Brett Favre will have on the field for the Vikings. Off the field, the Favre affect is already clear to owner Zygi Wilf. Ticket and merchandise sales have shot up. Wilf won’t have to worry about those annoying threats of TV blackouts on Sundays. The Vikes are even in line to get more prime-time games this fall thanks to Favre.

With the signing of Favre, the Vikings brand is mighty prominent – with football fans, casual fans and even people who don’t like football, or even sports, all that much. Some will say it’s the Favre brand, not the Vikings brand; the public is being exposed to. There is truth in that. But thanks largely to the signing of Brett Favre, the Vikings will be a top story whenever they play (and even when they don’t) for the next six months.

I’m not sure how much that is worth, but I think Wilf has some idea.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

Favre phenomenon
For the past couple of days I’ve been trying to understand why Favre attracts as much attention as he does. I know he’s been a great player at the glamour position in the NFL, but he’s been no better than Dan Marino or John Elway or a few other quarterbacks I could name. So why all the attention? Why the helicopters and TV trucks and people standing in the middle of the road at Winter Park oblivious to being hit by traffic?

Is it because Favre brought a storied franchise back to relevance? Is it his “just having fun out there” style of play? Is it ESPN or John Madden?

I want to understand.

Worth a look (I think)
And I end this post by providing you Kissing Suzy Kolber’s initial reaction to the Vikings signing Favre.

Warning – if you don’t care for bad language and objectionable content, this post isn’t for you.


Jason Hannah said...

I think you have a point. Minnesota has been pushed into the National spotlight in a big way.

Of course, I'm hoping that means they're even easier for me to see on TV every week. :-)

Hey, by the way, my blog is in your list of links. Right now it is listed as "Minnesota Vikings Blog". Well, we've moved and changed our name, and I was wondering if you could update it when you get a minute.

Our new site is called The Viking Ship, and the url is

Thanks a lot.

DC said...


I'll make the change.

Jason said...

What were Dan Marino and John Elway doing 18 months after they retired?

Answer: Probably playing golf.

What was Brett Favre doing 18 months after he retired?

Answer: Playing in his first pre-season game with the Vikings.

I think that answers your question as to why the media pays attention to him more :)

DC said...


I don't think it completely answers my question and I'm not talking strictly media attention here (although that's a large part of it.) But it seems like the Legend of Favre is greater than the Legend of Marino or the Legend of Elway. I'd like to know what is it about Favre the player and Favre the person that has created this kind of legend.