Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good news – Matt Kalil is entering the draft (I think)

There were some reports last week that standout USC left tackle Matt Kalil would not enter next April's NFL draft. That would have been bad news for a 2-11 Minnesota Vikings team that is in desperate need of a blindside protector for last year's first round pick – quarterback Christian Ponder.

Now the reports are saying the opposite – Kalil will enter the draft after all. The Vikings might not get a chance to select Kalil (the St. Louis Rams have been keeping pace with the Vikes in the loss department and currently hold the second overall pick), but at least with Kalil in the draft mix, they have a shot.

And looking at the photo of Kalil that accompanies the post I've linked to above, this guy doesn't look like your typical offensive lineman with a big gut. He looks pretty cut for a big man. If he weren't an offensive lineman, you'd almost think he was an athlete.

Oh yeah, I'll have a Friday Vikings – Saints preview post up at some point.

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