Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Reusse takes odd stance in Leslie Frazier column

I usually enjoy Star Tribune and ESPN 1500 columnist Patrick Reusse's contrarian writing. But his Wednesday column about the foolhardiness of Zygi and Mark Wilf in hiring Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier seems a bit off.

Reusse's premise is good, pointing out that the Wilf's haven't been very thorough when interviewing prospective head coaches nor have they been patient with the ones they have chosen. Reusse's thinks the Wilf's erred in hiring (and then firing) Brad Childress. He also suggests Frazier might be their worst hire yet, calling him "overmatched."

But in making this assessment, Reusse seems to be contradicting his own thesis – that the Wilf's need to be patient with the head coaches they hire. If that's his point, shouldn't he give Frazier more than a season in the job before suggesting he's the second coming of Les Steckel?

Stadium Chatter
So the Vikings stadium mouthpiece, Lester Bagley, let it "slip" Tuesday that another city besides Los Angeles has approached the owners about the Vikings leaving Minnesota.

If this sounds like a thinly veiled threat as talks heated up this week about where a future home for the Vikings should be located and whom should be paying for it, that's because it is.

The more suitors the Wilf's have for the Vikings, the more leverage they'll have as they try to get the stadium deal they want, rather than the deal legislators or the public wants. For month's there's been no mention of any other city having approached the Vikings other than Los Angeles. Now there's this mystery city, whose identity Bagley (naturally) won't reveal. This was a calculated slip by Bagley and the Wilf's. But I don't think Minnesota residents will appreciate it much.

Bill Musgrave – offensive mastermind

Football Outsiders' Mike Tanier didn't think much of a couple of plays the Vikings ran against Denver last Sunday in his weekly "Walkthrough" column (scroll down to the last item in the column to read the section.)

Vikings offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave – presumably the author of these play calls – isn't mentioned, but no matter. Vikings fans know who their coordinator is. Tanier wonders why Percy Harvin wasn't on the field as the Vikings had a first-and-10 deep in Broncos territory as they were driving for the winning score. I've been wondering why Harvin's been on the sideline a lot of times this year. It really is perplexing. Just as perplexing as these plays Musgrave drew up.

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